Thursday, 23 May 2013

#2-Malaysians Should Learn...

-Stop making unnecessary complaints

-Stop taking free things in the hotel and aircraft

-Stop littering

-Stop interrupting when other people is talking

-Stop acting smart

-Stop double parking

-Stop making stupid comments

-Stop eating like you were given license to mess up people's restaurant

-Stop spitting everywhere

-Stop talking like you own the whole place

-Stop using disable people's facilities

-Stop showing off

-Stop the reckless driving skills

-To line up before getting up onto public transport

-To make decision

-A little bit of manners

Thursday, 9 May 2013

#1-The Saddest Day

Guess my luck these days are quite bad,
Asia Super Showcase,
it was only 2 days to go.
But things always happens when chasing for something.

all thoughts are gathering together at this moment,
so my feelings now is quite complicated,
sadness, madness, anticipation...
It's so hard to tell my feelings now,
but I will try to explain one by one.

Asia Super Showcase,
the event that I've been waiting for years...
The moment when I see ShinHwa Company posted 'bout the cancellation of the concert,
my heart breaks into pieces,
15 years had gone,
this is the very first time they are coming to Malaysia,
but what happened at the end?
Paid for all fans event things,
working to hard to give them a memorable night,
and end up wasting our stamina and time.

quite mad with my own luck now,
I use to tell myself that I'm blessed to born with luck,
but seems like I was wrong.
I can't even go for a vacation.
Between the days in Thailand,
TVXQ's Showcase, Volleyball tournament and Shinhwa's new album.
I have the chance to participate in all these,
and because of the trip,
I have to give up.
All was known at the last minute.
How sad to say this.

I don't really know am I now anticipating or mad.
Trip to Thailand?
Have to tell the story after the trip I guess.

I wanna participate in the dance performance,
I wanna join my team mates with the tournament,
I wanna join the Changjo's with the comeback of Shinhwa.
I just finished my finals,
the last thing I only hope,

#Let Me Have a Nice Holiday